ICT Installations and Project Management

A single contractor to take responsibility for all aspects of your project

The Holy Grail – A single point of responsibility

Hello.How would you like it if you had a single commercial partner that could handle all your needs when considering a larger ICT project? Are you currently dealing with multiple companies, each dealing only with their own constituent parts while you struggle with all of the potential interaction issues between them? Surely it makes far more sense to deal with a single supplier that can provide you with all the same services but with a single point of contact and a single point of responsibility? We certainly think so. We offer a range of services tailored specifically to suit educational institutions, be it a school, college or private training institute. We are almost unique within the IT support sector in that our particular combination of IT and construction skills allow us to be a one-stop ICT & AV solution provider to education. Our long experience throughout the UK and Ireland has provided us with a level of insight & expertise that is unrivaled and greatly benefits our customers.

Do you use any of the following services?

  • Space planning
  • ICT Suite layout & design
  • Room construction and refurbishment
  • Electrical works
  • Classroom furniture
  • Hardware & software procurement
  • Network cabling installation
  • Wireless network installation
  • Training for users and administrators
  • Network management
  • Long-term proactive support

Stress Free Projects

We aim to provide a stress-free, turnkey experience to our clients, no matter how complex the project may be. The majority of schools don’t have time or the relevant experience  to micro manage large works but prefer the peace of mind of dealing with a single partner who will manage the entire project. From the first nail to be hammered to the last tweak of group policy, we will take complete responsibility. We believe in developing an ongoing relationship with a range of great value annual management & support agreements that leave you with a feeling of security and trust, knowing that we will only ever be a phone call away.

Take Control

Whether or not you have dedicated IT staff, we can help with any size of project ranging from a single piece of equipment to a site-wide or even multi-site ICT installation. Let us guide you in making the right decisions and help you take back control. Let us take the stress and the secondary decision making from you and allow yourself to relax again.

Naturally, you may think that this level of service translates into prices that are completely unaffordable but you would be wrong. The commercial reality is that we have to be very competitive in everything we do since budgets are constrained in the education market and competitors are many. It is our experience that with some careful planning & thought, a budget can often be made to go much further than initially envisioned. Our clients tell us that our project bids generally fall squarely in the middle of the range but that’s certainly the only thing that’s average about us. Our clients will also gladly testify that as far as range of services, attention to detail, and level of service are concerned, we always come out on top! Our main aim is to deliver solutions that provide core function and long lasting value. We want our clients to view their IT expenditure not just as the cost of hardware or software but rather as a strategic investment for the future of their school. In order to make this happen, we need to deliver systems that are good value, high-performance, stable and secure. You could also be forgiven for thinking that the only projects we get involved in are large infrastructure projects. That is certainly not the case. In actual fact, we carry out many smaller projects for primary schools in London & the South East, and in most cases develop a long term relationships that continues to this day. We also.have many customers with existing IT resources, who use us for particular work that is too specialist for their in-house team. Whether this is sourcing a single computer, or supplying and installing a projector & interactive whiteboard after hours (or indeed over a weekend), we are happy to be of service.

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